Claims Notification

All claims, including any loss which could give rise to a claim under the policy you have placed through ACIS, should be notified to us. If you are an ACIS Online Cargo Facility User, you should notify losses to us via your Client Login. All other ACIS clients should email the ACIS CLAIMS DEPARTMENT directly. To speed up the claims process, please ensure that full loss particulars are sent to us. This should include the following minimum information:

  • Copy of Original Insurance Certificate;
  • Copy of Original Bill of Lading/ Air Waybill;
  • Copy of Commercial Invoices or evidence of the value of the goods;
  • Copy of Original Landing Receipts;
  • Copy of Delivery Receipts;
  • Copy of written claim to the carrier holding them liable for the loss and any reply received;
  • If available, photographs of the damage;
  • Copy of packing list/ pro forma invoice;
  • If repairs are necessary, repair estimates will be required;
  • The USD amount of the damages;
  • A brief explanation of the details and circumstances giving rise to the loss/ damage.

Claim Notification - Online Users ONLY Claim Notification